Mohamed Samy, one of the newest singers and Producers & FIlmmakers . born on October 1, 1989 in Fayoum, lives now in Cairo his parents are Egyptians … he admired music from his earliest youth.

Once he completed the twelfth, he began to write, compose and record songs with talented dilettante and relatives till he was nominated to become a family singer.

Mohamed Samy has entered in many musical shows and performances, he was distinguished musician at high school as pianist and accordion player.

After Mohamed Samy entered the university he started to employee his skills so that he created his own music band (X-FEEL), and started to perform single vocal songs which were so popular between teenagers on youtube website.

Mohamed Samy announced that he launched the newest song called (Madam El-wa’t byadey) The song is available now on the internet.

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